Esoteric sciences and alchemy have always had an influence on past cultures. Borso D'Este ruled the city with the help of the court astrologist. Ercole I D'Este started the expansion of the city, the "Addizione Erculea", following a precise astrological and alchemical design.The people of Este were able to attract illustrious people, artists and philosophers, but at the same time they were very supertistious and gullible as to trust magicians and sorcerers.
This is an itinerary to discover true stories and legends related to the most representative places and monuments of Ferrara: the history of the two lovers of the Estense Castle, the Cathedral, the Palazzo dei Diamanti, the imprint of the devil, the Church of the Templars  and the Holy Inquisition. These are just some of the stories that await you and create an atmosphere full of mystery around the city of the Este family.

mystery tour

the offer includes:

  • overnight stay in 4* hotel, half-board, 3 days /2 night
  • on request possibility of dinner in restaurant
  • 1 light lunch in restaurant
  • two guided half-day tour of the historic centre 
  • entrance to a workshop specialized in micro-distillation for natural cosmetics
  • MyFE CARD: 3 days/2 night, includes admission to the main museums and monuments and tourist tax
  •  "Ferrara da Scoprire" support
  • quotation other customized services on request