Ferrara events



During the Este's Carnival, we could meet courtiers, ladies, princes, storytellers and soldiers between the historic centre's streets, in the squares, in the Reneissance palaces and near the walls of the powerful Castle. The "Contrade" will host tourists and masks in their locations between dinners, banquets, aperitifs and shows inspired by the festivals that were held in the city during the carnivals of the 15th and 16th centuries.
There will be special events that will exert a particular attraction: the public will experience the frightening harshness of the trial and Medieval torture or be kidnapped by the evocative show of the projection on the interior walls of Casa Romei.


from 23rd to 25th april 2023
In the beautiful setting of the Parco Urbano "Giorgio Bassani", from 23 to 25 April 2023, there will be the International Kite Festival. The traveling event this year includes the participation of about 150 kite pilots from all over Italy and Europe. Four days dedicated to acrobatic flight and free flight, with numerous creative workshops dedicated to children and adolescents. The festival attracts many visitors every year, including families and fans of the sport.


last week of may
Few are aware that Ferrara holds the title of the oldest Palio in the world. Starting from the middle of April and throughout the month of May, a series of events will revive the ancient splendor of the Renaissance, when Ferrara was considered one of the most important and modern European cities. The Sundays dedicated to the Homage to the Duke, the blessing of the Palios and the offering of candles, the youth games of the Estensi flags and the magnificent procession with more than a thousand participants, the propitiatory dinner. And finally the "Pallium" precious cloth cloth disputed as a prize on the last Sunday of May, with the horse race in Ariostea square, the race of Putti and Putte and the race of donkeys.
A very important and unmissable event for the city, where the spirit of competition between the districts remains unchanged.


june and july
International music festival born in 1996. Every year in the beautiful setting of Piazza Castello, musical events that last all summer. Many internationally renowned artists have participated in the festival, which ranges from contemporary and independent music.


from 23rd to 27th august 2023
Born in 1988. It is one of the largest events dedicated to street music. The aim is to enhance the figure of the street musician and the shows take place along the streets of the city. There are no stages but we sing, dance and express the arts under the stars. It lasts 5 days and reaches 800,000 visitors. Every year the festival is dedicated to a host nation or city.


from 9th to 10th september 2023
The Invisible Garden, also known as "Interno Verde", is a consolidated event. For two days, thanks to a signposted route and for a fee of one ticket, you can visit the public gardens first of all in the city is full, but also and above all enter private houses to discover their beautiful green spaces.
Real jewels in the historic center of Ferrara, hidden behind high doors, each with its own identity. Trees and secular plants, but also the ability to read the history and evolution of a city over time. We recommend renting a bike to visit even the most remote areas of the city.


International balloon festival. In Italy it is the most important.
Born 16 years ago is an entertainment event that includes aeroistic, sports, cultural and entertainment events.
A short walk from the historic center in the beautiful setting of the urban park, you can admire many balloons small and large that color the sky.


from 29th september to 1st october 2023
The festival lasts 3 days and is a journalism event, which promotes meetings and debates with world-famous journalists, writers, economists and cartoonists.
It offers many areas of debate on current issues and the peculiarity is that you can interact directly with the protagonists of the festival.


From 1st to 5th november 2023
Ferrara Food Festival was founded in 2021 and is proposed as the most important national and international showcase to raise awareness of the traditions, history and typical productions of the territory of Ferrara and many other products. A series of events, from show cooking to tastings, music, shows and historical re-enactments in the beautiful setting of the medieval city.


During the Christmas period, Ferrara dresses up to the party, illuminating the center with a thousand lights that frame the Christmas tree positioned in front of the Duomo. In Piazza Trento and Trieste the Christmas Village fills the plank. Many wooden houses that host crafts and many gift ideas. Entertainment for adults and children on weekends. The Duchesse’s garden hosts the ice rink throughout the period.
Don’t miss the show of the dancing fountains in Piazza Castello and to celebrate the New Year the traditional fire of the Estense Castle.
In the fair area is set up another Christmas Village with gift ideas, events and Christmas-themed entertainment (entrance fee).