comacchio and eel

Discovering Comacchio, the city on the water, famous for its Eel become a slow food presidium and the clams of Goro. From the station of mouth boarding on a motorboat and sailing visiting the ancient "laborers" fishing, surrounded by the local fauna, the beautiful pink flamingos. The Comacchio Lagoon, very important from the ecological point of view, are a unique example of integration between nature and human activity. Here we practice extensive breeding of many valuable species: eels, shrimps, bass, etc. The eel in particular is certainly at the heart of the economic development of the Valli di Comacchio. It was born in the Sargasso Sea, completing its life cycle (7-10 years) in the brackish waters of the lagoon until retracing again its long journey to the ocean to go and reproduce when it is sexually mature. It’s in this period that the meat becomes particularly tasty and therefore fished. The "workers" are used, which are barriers placed close to the openings towards the sea, studied in order to capture the adult fishes in the moment of their migrations, at the same time allowing the entrance into the valley of new specimens.
Transfer to Comacchio and lunch with fish. There will be the tasting of eel, excellent grilled, but also very good marinated in vinegar.
In the afternoon guided tour of the lagoon city, called the small Venice and entrance to the Manufacture dei Marinati with its historic "fire room" and the beautiful Museum of the Delta Antico.