An itinerary in Renaissance Ferrara that in addition to a guided tour will lead you to an ancient cloister, where one of the districts (city quarter) of the “Palio di Ferrara” is located. The skilled hands of our "sfogline" (housewife) will explain the secrets of egg pasta, the art of roll out the pasta and the preparation of the famous cappellacci, cappelletti and tagliatelle, and then real experience of preparation. A fun day where we will put all the love for our land and you will learn the secrets of Ferrara’s grandmother. We will then visit the cloister and take you to our fascinating world of historical re-enactments in costume. At the end we will have lunch together inside the cloister tasting the delights of Ferrara cuisine.
TOUR for group SIZE minimum 12, MAXIMUM 20 PAX

the package includes

  • overnight stay in B&B or Hotel 4* breakfast included (3 days/2 nights)
  • Guided half-day tour of Renaissance Ferrara 
  • Fresh pasta lessons and practical test
  • Visit to the cloister 
  • Light lunch with local excellences in Contrada
  • Ferrara da Scoprire support