essential ferrara

1st day
Arrival on Saturday morning in the city. Appointment in a famous local café for a tasting of local excellence accompanied by a good glass of wine. In the early afternoon guided tour of the Estense Castle. Surrounded by its moat which recalls its origins as a military fortress, it became over time the residence of the ducal court. Inside the impregnable prisons, where they were imprisoned not common prisoners, but famous people considered dangerous enemies of the court. On the ground floor the medieval rooms and the cannon ramp lead to the so-called piano nobile, where you can admire the Giardino degli Aranci, the ducal chapel and the large frescoed halls. With a small surcharge you can access the Torre dei Leoni to admire the panorama of the city from above. Free dinner and overnight at the hotel.

2nd day
Breakfast at the hotel. Free day dedicated to the visit of the medieval and Renaissance city. Our advice is to rent a bike that will allow you to reach the ancient walls and immerse yourself in the urban countryside. Long 9 km loved by the Ferrarese who frequent them as a place of recreation and for practicing sports, they are passable only on foot or by bike. Reaching them will allow you to explore the so-called "Addizione Erculea" the urban work that made Ferrara the most modern city of the fifteenth century. Passing by Ercole d'Este you will reach Parco Massari, the botanical garden, Piazza Ariostea and the ancient Via delle Vigne where currently the Jewish Cemetery is located and where our illustrious citizen, the writer Giorgio Bassani, author of the famous novels "Il Giardino dei Finzi Contini" and "Una notte del '43"
In the afternoon visit of the medieval city, with its beautiful monuments, the Doge’s Palace current seat of the Municipality of Ferrara, Piazza Trento and Triste, Via Mazzini known for being the ancient Jewish ghetto with its synagogue and the picturesque Via delle Volte.

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